Instinct takes over 'Hero'
This is the leading film of the Adidas Predator Instinct Series
featuring German World Cup winner and Arsenal midfielder
Mesut Özil.

I produced music and sounddesign for this Adidas2014
campaign alongside a great team at MPC creative London

You can listen to an extended version of the original soundtrack
featured on Adidas Footall Soundcloud profile.


Agency MPC Creative
Production Company MPC Creative
Director John Sunter
Co-Director Ben Jones
Creative Director John Sunter
Head of Creative Strategy Ben Cyzer
Executive Producer Sophie Gunn
Live Action Executive Producer Stuart Speechly
Live Action Producer Matt Brown
Live Action Production Manager Natalie Isaac
VFX Supervisors Melanie Keyzor & Will MacNeil
Grade MPC
Colourist Richard Fearon
Offline Edit The Whitehouse
Music & Sounddesign Nikolai Von Sallwitz, Sound Architecture



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